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Our team


Apollon Kabahizi

Strategic advisor

Apollon is serial entrepreneur!

Talented architect and building contractor with Ifuga, he is also active in the field of solar energy in Rwanda with Izuba. He adds a string to his bow with La Fromagerie.

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After training for 3 years in Melle, France, Innocent started his own cheese dairy 20 years ago. With his experience, he was able to share his know-how with Peter and advise the team to move towards greater production and quality.

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Micheline Thienpont

Micheline worked for 10 years as a journalist in Brussels before flying to Dubai. There, she headed the Middle East Solar Industry Association for 10 years. La Fromagerie is her 3rd life!

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Vedaste Semushi (Mushi)

Cheese maker assistant

Védaste alias "Mushi" knew nothing about the art of making cheese but he had a fierce desire to learn. His calm and his seriousness are unanimous. Everyone knows they can count on him. It is the quiet strength of the workshop!

Patrick Niyontegereje

Manager of the stable

Patrick grew up in Rubavu and has always enjoyed working on the farm. After working with his parents in the family farm, he later joined us. He works with passion and gives goats all the attention they deserve to produce the best milk.

Pierre is a child of Nyabikenke, Bumbogo. He started out delivering fodder and quickly fell in love with goats. Their well-being is his priority, he listens to them and understands their needs.

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Owner and Business Developer

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Pierre Ndungutse

Master Cheesemaker

Goat Welfare Manager

Pierre Tuyisenge

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Daniel Cloots

Cheese specialist and advisor

Daniel is at the head of the "Gros Chêne cheese dairy" in Belgium and has agreed to share his 40 years  of experience with us. His support, first physically at Bumbogo and then remotely is crucial to improve our products and answer our questions. He remains THE master cheesemaker at "La Fromagerie"!

John van Zuylen

Financial Advisor

After an MBA in Chicago, John joined the BCG (Boston Consulting Group) in Dubai. He is now following his passion for solar energy and leading various projects in Rwanda. Always open to multiple challenges, he joined La Fromagerie as a financial advisor.

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Alphonse Bizimana

Hygiene Manager

Alphonse has been part of the team since day one. Very involved and attentive to the cleanliness of the workshop, he pays particular attention to the hygiene of the equipment. A crucial point for the success of a quality cheese.

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Félicien Niyongira

Security Officer

Félicien participated in the construction of the farm in Bumbogo. He is from Kagugu in Kigali and is a mason by training. He likes life in the open air and feels better in the countryside. Although his role is to guard the place, he is very interested in the life of the goats.

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Solange Bihoyiki (Soso)

Packaging Manager

Solange, known as Soso, lives in Bumbogo and is very active in the women's community. She took her full part in building the farm. She has been part of the team since day one and her good sense of humour is communicative.

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Elisabeth Mukarugwiza

Packaging Assistant

Elisabeth is the latest addition to the team. She assists Solange brilliantly. At 46, she lives in Bumbogo with her 3 children. Originally from Rutsiro, she is proud to be able to take on the life of her family thanks to her conscientious work on the farm.

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Boniface Hitimana

QA - QC (Quality Assurance - Quality Control)

A graduate of the Kigali Institute of Science and Technology, Boniface is in charge of quality control of everything that enters and leaves the Fromagerie. He is also attentive on a daily basis to respecting hygiene throughout the cheese-making process.


Evariste & Aimé

Drivers / Delivery boys

Evariste and Aimé joined us during the second confinement to be able to deliver the cheeses in Kigali. Thanks to them and their impressive knowledge of the city, all packages arrive safely in less time than it takes to tell!

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