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At “La Fromagerie Rwanda” we are committed to offering the best products on all levels: quality, hygiene and ethics. To do this, day after day, new actions are put in place at all stages of the creation of our cheeses. 

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The cereals that we give to our goats are guaranteed pesticide-free. The additional fodder comes from our area where we control the plantations and their natural treatment.

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We work with10 producers of cow's milk and try to create an eco-system around the farm.

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Whenever we can, we avoid the use of plastic. And when plastic is present, it is with the authorization of REMA (Rwanda Environment Management Authority)

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All the milk that we receive is analysed: 14 different parameters are taken into account including antibiotic and Aflatoxin tests.

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“La Fromagerie Rwanda” works in close collaboration with RDB, FDA and RSB. Our certificates attest to this and are available on request.

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If despite the very tight control and the high level of care we give to our products you are not satisfied or you encounter a problem, contact us!

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